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The title Sainiksangh is a short  version of Sainik Foundation, also All India  Ex Soldier's  League generally referred to as The League. The League was raised on 13th August 1997 and registered under the Societies Act of 1860 bearing Registration No 31773. It is a non-profit, apolitical and purely  voluntary organisation raised by ex servicemen . At the core lay their will and motivation  to mobilize for nation building the vast energies and strength of thousands of soldiers  who hang up their uniform every year in our country and most retire to their villages  to their basic agricultural occupations. The  knowledge, organisational skills and discipline that this segment carries is however not recognised nor harnessed for the general good of the nation and society and even for  the marginalised rural communities  strung across the county’s hinterland to  which they also belong.  In this context therefore The League is a unique initiative, a pioneer experiment as an NGO with no parallel. This  peculiar identity  becomes strongly complimentary to our activity and functioning specially where conditions are most difficult and demanding which is where our missions too are most relevant.

League Membership is open to all who seek, joy in work, accept responsibility, value collective ethos or want to promote the same in others for the common moral and social good.   

With the above as the canvass for agenda, the organisation functions  with Spartan resources and on Spartan ethics.  Rural conditions being at our focus we pick up remote villages to attend to their needs of water, sanitation, health , primary education, and awareness at the community level,  specially attending to   women's empowerment in  management of their  village units.

We  have no permanent establishment or overheads, operating from need based nodes managed by local volunteers on a mission to mission basis. Our task forces are also mission limited and raised from within the community on the principle of participation and self help for the duration of missions only. We encourage and work for providing exposures and training to the local youth and preparing them to become self-reliant to  take on leadership roles for their communities.

Our objective plus is to promote such conditions as would deter our rural communities  from abandoning their habitat for the cities which is already precipitating serious social disruption 

Protection of Environment and heritage, restoration of ECO balance are  are complimentary and integral to all our missions.


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