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Women's Empowerment
Activism against Social ills
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Social Forestry
Rural Dwelling


  • To promote citizen values in rural communities through awareness, re-orientation and education, so that they can become self reliant to face the challenges of a competitive society with dignity and respect.

  • To foster  collective ethos  with joy in work, participation and sharing in collective enterprise.

  • To harness ex servicemen  potential for Nation building activities through participation in developmental schemes/projects/activities, training of youth and social upliftment programs.

  • To promote rehabilitation programs, measures and schemes.

  • To undertake and participate in other ventures, projects and schemes to generate employment for rural communities for alleviation of poverty.

  • To undertake commitment to protection of environment, ecology, habitat, and schemes related to conservation, protection of national heritage and wild life.

  • To mobilize community in times of crisis or national calamity.

  • To undertake schemes for the promotion of science and scientific temper in rural youth.

  • To take up leadership building programs such as exposure of youth to collective fitness through adventure, camping, rural sports and other activities.

  • To establish leadership building centers in rural areas as clubs, gymnasiums, youth development and talent spotting centers.

  • To take up programs and schemes for promotion of vocational training for  children and women

  • To take up projects and schemes for promotion of health and education in rural areas, including running of mobile medical teams, libraries, health and information centers.

  • To organize lectures, motivational seminars contact programs and audio visual presentation for youth and academia.

  • To  provide support services in the form of rural sanitation, rural housing, water supply and health, as part of nation building activity

  • Promote women's empowerment and grooming of children

  • Take up surveys, promotional schemes, studies, validation etc for and on behalf of other agencies.

  • Accept and disburse donations, prizes, aid, grants etc for supporting the implementation of aims and objectives.

  • Function as a noncommercial, non-political and voluntary body .


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