In Ravines Swasti series of check dams launched in 1997. Below stages of Swasti I over 10 months. Below Swasti I

Impact Swasti II  above more than 2 hectors of lost arable land reclaimed in first monsoon

Swasti IV recce team with Maj Gen APS Chauhan

Below Learning Centre Computer training to veteran farmer communities under NIIT supervision

Below Maj Gen APS Chauhan with firing party of Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Experimental green brick production unit supported by Ministry of Science and Tech


Sainiksangh is grateful to HQ Central Command   for all the support   without which we could not have achieved any watershed missions.

UNDP & Mr PS Sodhi India Coordinator Farmer / soldier communities from Yamuna Ravines , Auariya Etawah and Pauri Garhwal Mrs Nagar Goel &Chawla auditors for dedicated service.

Para engineer dozer team from Bombay Sappers with Maj Gen APS Chauhan (E/L) & veteran community of village Jabrapura  launching Swasti II


Above Educating War Widows Children. On visit to  Jawans widow’s village Silaiyata. Daughter  Aarti now graduate in BSc ( Info Tech ) on sainiksangh sponsorship. 44 children educated from class 5 onwards

Children of RBS Public School participating in Environment Workshop

Veteran and community Children of Garhwal participating in cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants. Sar Panch Buddhi Singh next to Maj Gen Chauhan

Below Track opening party for Swsti V chek dam with Maj Gen Chauhan Sub Khan from Bombay Engineer Group on his left Nk Rambir Singh 4 Rajput on right and Nk Rajendra Singh Engineers E/R


Swasti IV as in Aug 2017 performance on full flood standing on check dam Maj Gen APS Chauhan, Mrs Chauhan and Capt V Panday

Above Maj Gen APS Chauhan attending UNDP Environment Workshop at Indira Bhawan

Right Preservation of Heritage is an agenda of Sainiksangh. Field Coordinator Kalyan Singh specially trained by us in preservation techniques at National Archives, preserving ancient Sanskrit manuscripts

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